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Burn-in Systems

Our group of software and hardware Design Engineers delivers a wide range of Burn-In system products, equipped with PC controller, which caters to a wide variety of Burn-In needs.

Equipped with the latest microprocessor hardware Development System, KES has the leading edge in fast development of computerized Driver/Timing generator boards and PC System Controller Interface. This advantage makes timing pattern programming and monitoring both more effective and more efficient.

Our Research and Development teams have also successfully developed the Test-During-Burn-In (TDBI) system, which is able to offload customers' valuable tester time. This reduction is done by performing test functions during Burn-In. In this manner, we not only improve on efficiency, but also reduces the complexity of the process.

Lastly, KES is capable of providing customized design and development to meet the specific needs of our customers. With all our resources, plus our firm leadership in the industry, you can be assured of capable and long term support for both the present and the future.

Driver/Timing Generator Boards for all Product range

  • PC interface for signal pattern, regulated voltage setting control & monitoring
  • High frequency, fast edge, low voltage signal capabilities
  • Signal output monitoring
  • Customized requirements

Intelligent Burn-In Systems

  • Up to 96 Signal Channels IO capabilities
  • Low Regulated Device Voltage capability
  • Low Noise with Fast Edge Signals
  • PC System controller for programming and monitoring of Burn-In parameters

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