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Manufacturing Capabilities

Established in 1978, KES has since been the forerunner in the burn-in industry for over 30 years.

Throughout the years, our commitment has constantly been to provide our customers with products of high quality and reliability. Our devotion to this has, in turn, won us many prestigious awards.

Most evident of our pursuit for uncompromising quality is our ISO9001 certification that encompass Design, Manufacturing & Burn-In Service.

The wide range of KES Burn-In Boards & Burn-In Systems, coupled with our contractual Burn-In Services offers full turnkey burn-in solutions for the varied needs of our customers. With the rapid revolution of semiconductors in the industry, Burn-In requirements have become an increasingly demanding task. With our group of Dedicated Management, Design Engineers & Sales Managers, KES is a global company with worldwide facilities & offices to assured you of a complete, all-round solution for your Burn-In requirements.

Sales & Technical Support

The local presence of KES in various strategic locations in the world ensure you get the immediate attention and support you need. We have localized Sales & Technical personnel that covers all the Asia Pacific region, as well as USA, China & Europe.

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