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KES Systems & Service (1993) Pte Ltd [KES] is committed to excel in pursuing a clean environment that is healthy and safe for our employees worldwide. KES is committed in complying with upkeep of the environment both internal and external, health and safety laws and policies of countries we are operating in. KES seeks to conserve energy, reduce wastes and recover waste materials for use through recycling.

Used water is recycled / neutralized before discharged into approved drainage. Solid and chemical wastes are disposed through government certified recycling companies.

PPE is implemented in designated operations to protect personnel working in harsh environment. Inspections are regularly carried out by the safety team to instill these values and adherence to established rules and regulations.

KES Systems & Service (1993) Pte Ltd will strive for continual improvement in forming the basis for our commitment to pursue the highest level of discipline in implementing EHS programs.

KES Green Program Activities
  • Control of Air Emission Industrial Hygiene: Conduct air emission test
  • Industrial Waste Water Discharge: Conduct Laboratory test for Ph
  • Monitor Ph at point of discharge
  • Chemical & Hazardous Material disposal
  • Solid Waste disposal (solder dross)
  • Address chemical handling & storage
  • Use of Personal Protection Equipment:
  • Air Compressor Pressure Vessel check
  • EHS Programs:
    • Safety Inspection
    • Fire Drill
    • Fire Extinguisher Recharging
    • Contractor risk assessment
  • Implement 5S
    • Expand production floor space & re-layout


1.0 Air Emission: Industrial Hygiene Test
     1.1 Conduct of Air Emission Test in compliance with EPMA (Air Impurities) regulations for Workplace Safety & Health             Regulations 2006.
                  - Exposure Level (PEL) was <0.01
     1.2 Incorporate exhaust system with filteration for discharge of fumes from soldering operation and chemical cabinet.
     1.3 The use of PPE in hot and confined areas for personnel safety.

2.0 Air Compressor Pressure Vessel Check
Perform service and Certification of air pressure vessel once every 2 years by NEA (National Environmental Agency)

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